• "'I have a plan..."
  • "Under moonlight."
  • "Strongest girl in the world."

For millennia, human beings have shared their dreams and nightmares in the form of stories, myths and legends.

Stories about elves and ogres, gods and demons, dragons and monsters...

Of course, these are just stories. Flights of the imagination born out of either hope or fear.

But now, the tools are in our hands to bring what was once just fantasy to life...

Jen Air: The Little Queen

Jen Air

Science has the power to turn dreams and fantasy into reality. But dreams can sometimes become nightmares. Kaya Cade, a down on her luck guitarist in a punk band, finds herself waking up to one such nightmare when she is attacked by a creature posessing superhuman agility and strength. Battered and confused, she turns to an old friend for help, but they hadn't parted on the best of terms.

Together they embark on an adventure that sees them come up against an evil corporation, faeries, changelings, Killer Aqua Bunnies, and The Little Queen - a young girl seeking revenge for her mother's death.

Blending elements of fantasy and folklore with exciting science fiction, The Little Queen is a fun adventure and thriller that will leave you asking one question - Just where the hell did that lighthouse computer come from anyway?

Jen Air

Jen Air: The Little Queen

Out There

Jen Air: Out There


Jen Air: Frontier of Forever


Jen Air: The Little Queen



Name:- Jennifer Willow Airhart

Height:- 5 feet 4 inches

Favourite Author:- Carl Sagan

Favourite Pet:- NAO

Personality:- Jen has always been a bit shy and a dreamdreamer, but years spent living on her own in the lighthouse have made her more than a little fretful at socializing. Despite this, she is very brave, and quite confident in matters of a scientific or technological nature and has an intense curiosity about everything.

Quote:- 'It's not enough just to believe. People can believe very strongly in all kinds of things that are wrong, like ghosts or miracle cures or white supremacy...'

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About the Author


John Coutelier writes science fiction and fantasy stories and occasionally he doodles and messes around with computer software. His tales are essentially love letters to all the things that have fascinated and sparked his imagination since being a child - dinosaurs, the paranormal, myths from around the world, and most of all, SCIENCE! All these things that simultaneously can be terrifying but also excite the mind with the endless possibilities that they bring.

John researches a wide range of topics for writing inspiration, from biology to physics, history to folklore. Most recently he has returned to education to study Psychology. In the past he has also studied photography and editing, but at heart has always been a story teller, from epic space operas, to excuses for not being on time.

Find out more, at coutelier.org.uk.



Various pictures and renderings of the characters and the world they live in, and sometimes others.

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