• "'I have a plan..."
  • "Under moonlight."
  • "Strongest girl in the world."

Jennifer Willow Airhart


Name:- Jennifer Willow Airhart

Height:- 5 feet 4 inches

Favourite Author:- Carl Sagan

Favourite Pet:- NAO

Personality:- Jen has always been a bit shy and a dreamdreamer, but years spent living on her own in the lighthouse have made her more than a little fretful at socializing. Despite this, she is very brave, and quite confident in matters of a scientific or technological nature and has an intense curiosity about everything.

Quote:- 'It's not enough just to believe. People can believe very strongly in all kinds of things that are wrong, like ghosts or miracle cures or white supremacy...'

Kaya Cade


Name:- Kaya Cade

Height:- 5 feet 6 inches

Favourite Author:- Dunno... who wrote the thing about some boys getting lost on an island and they start a tribe and devolve into savages? I think it was called Peter Pan.

Favourite Pet:- Jennifer

Personality:- As well as being a kleptomaniac, Kay is often saying and doing silly things. But she can also be quite aggressive, especially when comes to taking care of her friends as she is fiercely loyal. She believes she has made mistakes in the past, mostly with regards to how she's treated Jen, and tries very hard to make up for it.

Quote:- 'Only yarn that ever mystified me was when my mum gave me a sweater with Donny Osmondís face on it. Iíve always hated Donny Osmond.'

Tenley Tych


Name:- Tenley Tych

Height:- 4 feet 10 inches

Favourite Author:- Sun Zu

Favourite Pet:- Animals are stupid. Like you.

Personality:- 11 year old Tenley is fearless, or so it seems. Her mother trained her in martial arts since a very early age, which combined with incredible strength and reflexes granted by Titania, naturally makes people wary of her. She will regularly test people and seems barely able to control her temper. Yet, Ten does feel sympathy and empathy, as demonstrated by the fact that she's usually, in fact, quite nice to animals, even ones she was mad at before.

Quote:- 'What's real is that if you're not out of my sensor range in the next ten seconds, I am going to hurt you. A lot.'