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  • "Under moonlight."
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Jen Air: The Little Queen

Jen Air

Magic is real - just not always in the ways you've imagined.

Punk guitar player Kaya Cade is rather down on her luck. She's lost her job, her home, and frankly the band is going nowhere. But what really puts an exclamation mark on just how bad her situation is, is when she's attacked and almost has her eyes gouged out by a creature possessing superhuman speed and strength. Battered, dazed and confused, she believes she has encountered a faerie (not fairy, as those are cute) and turns to an ex-friend for help, Jennifer Airhart.

The two had bonded as children and been close as sisters. But, as they grew, Jennifer became increasingly shy of and withdrawn from the world while Kaya found herself drawn to others who seemed outwardly stronger - and may have encouraged Kay's more aggressive tendencies, particularly toward Jen.

Because of the evidence Jen is compelled to help, and together they embark on an adventure that sees them come up against the rambling CEO of a research and development company, ‘faeries’, changelings, Killer Aqua Bunnies, and The Little Queen - a tired young girl who won’t rest until she’s had revenge.

Taking inspiration from fantasy and folklore and presenting it as exciting science fiction, The Little Queen is a fun adventure and thriller that will leave you asking one question - Just where the hell did that lighthouse computer come from anyway?

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Novelettes & Novellas:

Jen Air: Frontier of Forever


On September 8th, 1966, a show aired on NBC that portrayed a hopeful future. Over the next fifty years that message spoke to millions of fans around the world, embracing it's message of equality and hope for the betterment of mankind. That show was Star Trek, and this is not its story.

What this novella is, however, is a love letter from an author inspired by the show, written in celebration of fifty years of boldly going where no one has gone before. Not only the that, but show that first captivated the author and sparked a life long interest in science, real and fiction, and in exploring new frontiers, both real and in the imagination.

But this is a story about a boy, Alex Dylan, on his way to Irongate's new Kosinski Center which is about to host its first public event - a science fiction and fantasy convention. Kaya Cade, Sayuri Oshiro and Jennifer Airhart also plan to attend (and Tenley's going too, because it's apparently some sort of crime for her to be unsupervised). But the night before the convention begins, Jennifer detects strange exotic particles and begins to suspect the con may be about to become dangerously real. Will our heroines be able to save the convention and make it home for some Earl Grey before it's too late?

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Jen Air: Out There

Out There

Stargazing and astronomy prove to be a dangerous hobby for Jenny Airhart and her friends, as while out camping they are stumbled upon by a paranormal investigator, Sir Lionel Baker - Gentleman, Adventurer, and purveyor of mystery! (The biggest mystery being why did Kaya's mom once give her a sweater with Donny Osmond's face on it?)

But Lionel is not so harmless as he first appears, as soon the women are drawn into an adventure with a very dangerous gang. And even greater dangers await them where they're going, beneath the earth, where deadly secrets lie in wait...

This novella takes place after the novel 'The Little Queen', and before the upcoming novel 'Asterion'.


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Jen Air: Springheel


After defeating the ELF Queen, Titania, Jennifer Airhart still lives in her lighthouse on top of a hill. But she no longer lives there alone, having invited her old friend and rocker Kaya Cade to stay with her. They have also become guardians of another, much younger girl, who although she tests them is secretly grateful to have a family. For a while all seems well, but that's usually when they start getting worse.

In the nearby town of Irongate, a new threat has appeared on the streets, terrorising families and especially children. Already people are likening this creature to the Victorian boogeyman who began a reign of fear in London's churchyards and alleys almost two centuries ago, Spring-Heeled Jack. Our heroines are called upon to put a stop to his mischief before more are seriously harmed by him.

This novelette takes place after the novel, Jen Air: The Little Queen, and as such there are some references to the events of that tale, and definitely a few spoilers. Nevertheless, anyone will be able to enjoy this exciting mini-adventure.


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